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Om FFO / About FFO

About FFO

The Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (FFO) is an umbrella organisation with 87 member organisations of people with disabilities and chronic diseases. 

Our main goal is to work for better living conditions and the fulfillment of human rights for people with disabilities and chronic diseases.

Most of our work is politically based. We have regular meetings with the Government, Parliament and directorates about issues that are of relevance for people with disabilities and chronic diseases. These issues cover the whole life specter – from birth to death.

FFO are engaged in advocacy work on following areas:

  • Adolescence
  • Education
  • Labor marked
  • Health
  • Living conditions
  • Human rights
  • Accessibility
  • Organizational work

FFO is also running a Legal Advice Center (Rettighetssenteret) with special competence within Welfare Law. (Information only in Norwegian).

FFO is organized centrally with local offices on both county and municipality levels.

Membership and cooperation
Since FFO is an umbrella organisation, we only cooperate with other umbrella organizations. Today we cooperate with such organisations on Nordic and European level, and in Nepal and southern Africa.

On Nordic and European level our co-operation is mainly focusing on political issues. In Nepal and southern Africa we cooperate with national and regional umbrella organisations within the fields of organisational building, human right issues and good governance.

Here, you'll find more information about FFOs member organisations (only in Norwegian). For instance link to each organisations webpage.